Friday, January 31, 2014


These days are stressful days for me.
And the recent stress has squeezed me dry of the desire to write.
That's why I appreciate Five Minute Fridays.
It gives me a topic. A place to start.
Even though my mind is swirling with other things.

So here is my contribution to this week's Five Minute Friday.
Writing for 5 minutes.
Whatever comes out.
No edits. And maybe typos.



I've heard it said that parents are often a child's first hero.
I'm not sure how I feel about that.

My children know I love God.
They also know my favorite color is purple.
And that one spring afternoon
clutching the hand of my preschooler
while on a walk
was quickly to become a moment
of realization for this mommy turned hero.

"What do you think God looks like," I asked.
My three-year old replied, "He's tall. And big."
"What do you think He likes to do?"
Again the child-mind spoke confidently, "Roller skate. And play at the park."
"What is God's favorite color?"
Next came the answer that stopped me in my tracks.
The answer that forever changed the image of hero.
She still held my hand and she kept pace with me.
But my heart had stopped. 
Lurched really.
To my blue-eyed girl, God and I shared the same favorite color.

I've heard it said that parents are often a child's first hero.
I'm not sure how I feel about that.


Friday, January 24, 2014


Linking up with Five Minute Friday.
5 minutes.
Only words.
No editing.

Today's word: Visit.


It's short-lived.
Not forever.

A visit implies brevity.
An end.

And for some things in life,
for some days,
and some seasons,
I am thankful for the length of a visit.

Some days,
when hope is hard
and despair seems tyrant,
when discouragement abounds
and I wonder how I can shine any bit of light...
those are days I am glad visit means it's gonna be gone.

Some days
when reason has refused to surface,
and mob mentalities steal joy,
and healthy leadership is suffocating
under the weight of dysfunction...
those are days I rejoice that visit is not eternal.

There are things of life that are
only invited for visit
and even at that, reluctantly.
There are aspects of life that are not
welcome to take up residence.
If they are to come,
it is only for a time.

Some visits are not welcome
but are required if I am to fully
dwell in the flow of life.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Epiphany People

The day of light is now done.
The season of light stretches before us though.
Waiting to be filled with light by Epiphany people.
A season that anticipates the acts and words and choices that will usher in evidence of Jesus.

Epiphany people bring light
because Jesus is their life.

And here are some defining characteristics of people of light. 
Epiphany people are people who:

fight injustice, 
care for the defenseless, 
give voice to the voiceless,
are unselfish, 
are humble - they do not boast or brag, 
are peaceful - they do not stir up trouble, 
think the best of others - they do not constantly question motives, 
do not return evil with evil, 
are patient, 
are kind, 
are not jealous - they are content with what they have and what they’ve been given, 
are not ledger people - they don’t keep a record of wrongs, 
are trustworthy, 
are hopeful, 
are perseverant, 
are gentle, 
are faithful, 
are self-controlled - they are not irritable or volatile, 
speak truth lovingly, 
do not gossip but instead speak what will build up others,
are lavish in their love, 
are exceeding in their joy, 
are generous in their forgiveness,
are abundant in their mercy,
are extravagant in their grace.
(The majority of this list is drawn from 1 Corinthians 13, Galatians 5:22-23, Colossians 3:12-13.)
We do not do these things or become these things on our own. The Light that came into the world calls us into marvelous light and equips us to live there through the Holy Spirit.
If you love Jesus and want to follow Him, take courage and bring light into the darkness everywhere you go. We are children of the day. We are Epiphany people!

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