Friday, January 24, 2014


Linking up with Five Minute Friday.
5 minutes.
Only words.
No editing.

Today's word: Visit.


It's short-lived.
Not forever.

A visit implies brevity.
An end.

And for some things in life,
for some days,
and some seasons,
I am thankful for the length of a visit.

Some days,
when hope is hard
and despair seems tyrant,
when discouragement abounds
and I wonder how I can shine any bit of light...
those are days I am glad visit means it's gonna be gone.

Some days
when reason has refused to surface,
and mob mentalities steal joy,
and healthy leadership is suffocating
under the weight of dysfunction...
those are days I rejoice that visit is not eternal.

There are things of life that are
only invited for visit
and even at that, reluctantly.
There are aspects of life that are not
welcome to take up residence.
If they are to come,
it is only for a time.

Some visits are not welcome
but are required if I am to fully
dwell in the flow of life.


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  1. Hi! I'm visiting from 5-Minute Friday! I totally relate to what you're saying!