Friday, April 25, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Friend

Linking up with Five Minute Friday.

Today's word: Friend


Today dawned rainy and cool.
A far cry from the sunny, beautiful Easter that began the week.
But today is my soul's companion
because Friday is Sabbath.
A day to break;
to part with the cares of responsibility
and set my sight on rest.
A day to take time to be.
Not rushed or hurried.

I slept in.
Hubby cooked the usual Sabbath breakfast of pancakes for the kids.
I read, and prayed, and thought.
Then I napped.
I scratched the back of my 5 year-old,
and snuggled close with my 6 six-year old
while a show played on the tv screen.

So much of life feels like it's for the taking of me.
Piece by piece.
I fall into bed at night and wonder what I actually accomplished.
This day of sabbath reminds me no accomplishments
exist apart from relationship.

And so I commit 
to forging connection
the rest of the week
sprouting from the abiding with 
my truest Friend.
The One who meets me faithfully every Friday
even when I've forgotten Him all my other days.


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