Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Hard Work of Clarity

Clarity is important.

When we set goals.
When we dream.
When we instruct.
When we set boundaries.
When we work to create an organizational culture.
Anytime we communicate or interact, it is vital to be clear.

The thing is...clarity is hard work.

A simple, clear statement is more than likely the result of some blood, sweat, and tears.
It's like an iceberg.
We only see the tip. 
But there is an invisible mass beneath the surface.

One clear statement is heard or read quickly 
but comes at the cost of many unheard, unseen, not-so-clear moments working toward that clarity.

Ask any author,
or graduate student writing a research paper.
Ask any teacher,
or parent attempting to direct their children.

One of the comments I hear most often about my sermons is that I am clear.
That what I say is understandable and to the point.
And I am coming to realize that is a desirable response.
What the listener is saying, whether they realize it or not, 
is the hours I spent shaping my sentences paid off.

Clarity requires intentional effort to understand
what we want to say, 
to whom we want to say it
and the words we will use to accomplish the task.

Clarity is hard work but it is worth it.

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