Friday, March 7, 2014


Once again, linking up here.
5 Minutes.
Just writing.
One single word.
Another moment to exhale and say, "Here goes nothing. Here goes everything."

Today's word is WILLING.


Sometimes there's a long distance between willing and able.
A curving path
between what we desire and what we are actually going to do about it.
A string of switchbacks that separates my inclinations with possible realities.

Sometimes the journey between emotional readiness and practical capabilities
seems to be an overgrown trail
reaching out into the horizon
that someone else will successfully conquer.

Sometimes the real differential between my willingness and my ability
is the full of sum of my fear.
Sometimes when willing and able seem to span opposite ends of the continuum 
I wonder if risk will be the bridge that unites these two or the fault line that keeps them divided.


1 comment:

  1. very thought provoking. Perhaps God is all calling us to be willing and risk