Friday, March 23, 2012


i have read a lot lately about making art. 

what she writes about and it's creation.

what she pens in set to music.

what he in poignant speech.

what this film in moving pictures.

art has come in amish quilts and abstract paintings. in instrumental music and still photographs.

art happens in color and in black in white. in silence and amidst clamor.

art is found in opulence and in the oppressed. in rags and riches.

art knows no age. or race. or gender. no format. or limit. or box.

art is.

and i want to make art. need to make it. was made to make it.

with each inhale. 
and exhale. 
suffocating the fear so my soul can breathe instead.

art is. i am too. being. creating. and being created.

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