Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stubborn Spring (Easter's Song)

Lilac bushes budding.
In March.
In Michigan.
Unheard of.

Shorts and sleeveless shirts.
Sunshine-warmed face.
Gentle breeze gifted.
Like a June day.

Months of bare trees but hardly white.
Snow accumulated in inches not feet.
Winter thwarted.
Pushed aside by stubborn spring.

New life coming.
Even before Resurrection.
Astonishing. Unbelievable.
Hope coming early.

Hearts know winters.
Mine a long hard one.
bare. cold. dormant. 
Stilled by loss. doubt. confusion.

Years of the unknown.
Yet myself known to One.
One who sends snow and rain.
One who gives sun and moon.

Heart budding.
In the middle of desert.
In the midst of noise.

New hope coming.
Toward one undeserving.
Winter going.
Pushed aside by stubborn spring.

Hope coming.
Life restored.
Heart revived.
Resurrection real. tangible. whole.

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