Wednesday, April 25, 2012

corn chips at the lunch table

Sitting at the lunch table, my 3-year put a Bugle chip on her pointer finger and said, "I have a puppet...a witch puppet."

I thought the first part of that statement was brilliant. creative. playful. 

The second part made me cringe. 

I squirmed internally trying to form adequate words to explain we do not play pretend with witches and then I heard my 4-year old speak up.

"Mordrid," he said.

Huh? What kind of name is that? 

"Mah-dwid," repeated the 3-year old as she waved her chippy witch in the air. 

Giggles ensued. And more energetic talking amongst the children concerning this Mordrid plot.

Get a grip! Decide what to say before this gets out of hand. 

And then in the frenzy of lunch-table talking, my 4-year old said, "Just say 'love' and Mordrid will be defeated."

Gut slam. 

That is stinkin' good! I mean, seriously. That could preach! Suddenly, I adored corn-chip witch puppets.  For that day, they paved the way to this...

Love is the answer. Love really does conquer all. Love really is the trump card. 

And somewhere. somehow. In that small moment, my preschooler got it....

Mordrid - 0      Love - 1

Love really does win. 

1 John 4:16

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