Sunday, February 24, 2013

Love Came Down

This song has been on my lips lately.

One recent morning, 
when emotional clouds hung low and patience ran scarce,
I sang the chorus over and over in a prayer.

Mountains high or valleys low
I sing out, remind my soul
I am Yours
I am forever Yours

It kept my mind staid on Jesus, which brought calm.
I needed strength for that moment. For that morning.
Conscious clinging to lyrics because I was desperate.
I sang truth to battle the lies.

It's weeks later.
I'm facing a different sort of battle.
To remain resolved to love Someone more than I love myself...

I served my children brownies today.
Chocolately, fudgy, yummy brownies.
And I wanted one...really badly.
Yet the desire to love Someone more than me pervaded my thoughts.

I plated up gooey goodness 
and took pleasure in giving my children a treat.
I breathed sweet smells 
and stood joyfully in the reality of denying myself 
for the sake of something better.

And the words came again to my lips...

I am Yours.
I am Yours.
I am forever Yours.

Yes. Of course.
I am God's.
This self-denial for the sake of the One 
who denied Himself for the sake of me.
This self-denial because I am not my own.
I was bought with a price.

Yes. Of course.
I am His.
This momentary sacrifice for greater trust.
This immediate "no" for an eternal "yes".

This Lent, I am learning a fast from self-gratification is a gateway toward freedom to be all God has made me to be.

This Lent, I am learning every choice to love Someone more than myself is proclaiming to whom I belong.

I am Yours.
I am Yours.
I am forever Yours.

And that is making all the difference.

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