Tuesday, February 26, 2013

No Useful Moves Detected?

I am a bit of a junkie lately. A solitaire junkie. You know it's bad when you close your eyes to sleep and images of alternating black and red playing cards appear.

The particular app I use has this handy-dandy "Hint" button. Press that baby and the game will tell you if there is a move to be had that I may have missed. When there is no further move, these words appear in the bottom half of the screen..."No useful moves detected."

After seeing that phrase for the gazillionth time (ok...it might not have been quite that many), I was struck anew by these words. 

"No useful moves detected." 

That's how many people live their lives. They live believing there's no real point or purpose to their existence and efforts. 

Maybe they feel they've messed up one too many times and there's no way to undo what's been done. Maybe they look at the future and wonder what options are available that hold any sense of hope or security.

Too many people (including believers) have succumb to a lie their life is without value. No matter what they do, or what decisions they make, none of it will lead anywhere useful. Life has become a game of solitaire that can't be won because there are "No useful moves detected".

And God weeps. He sees His dearest creation and longs to gather them to Himself and reassure them, "I have plans for you. Plans for your good and welfare. Plans that will give you a hope and future."

There's another interesting thing about this "Hint" feature on the solitaire app. I could have chosen to accept the "No useful moves detected" without question believing the computer is smarter than I am. I could have chosen to see no other truth than that which was flashing up on my screen, refusing to think beyond what is right in front of me. But if I had, I would have missed something.

The computer's "Hint" feature is limited. It can only detect useful moves based on the current lay of the cards. It is not programmed to problem solve beyond what has been most recently played. 

But, sometimes, if I am willing to put in a little extra effort and think outside the box, I can get cards rearranged enough to open up other possibilities. It's just that the computer couldn't "see" that direction of play.

And God cheers. When we think there's no way out, that's the perfect place for God to show Himself able. When we see no useful moves, God is ready to take over. And if we let Him, trusting Him with our life, He will make a way where there seemed to be no way.

The hopeless is transformed to hope.
The lost is found.
The blind is granted vision.
The dead end is connected to another road.

May we never accept the lie "No useful moves detected."
God has far too much planned for us.

I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.
Isaiah 29:11 (The Message)

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