Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ash Wednesday

This year it's Facebook and dessert.
What I am giving up for Lent.
Not out of obligation. 
Not out of a sense of duty.

Today is Ash Wednesday.
A sacred day of black ash crosses.
A day marking the commencement of a season 
of penance, 
of sobriety, 
of self-discipline, 
of dependence.
All things I desire with desperate zeal.

I give up 
because I want to be closer to the One 
who knows me best and loves me most.

I give up 
so I might spend more time with the Friend of sinners
instead of my friends on Facebook.

I give up 
because every stinkin' time I will crave dessert in the next 40 days, 
I will feel it.

And when I feel it, 
I will be face to face with Love.

Over the next 6 weeks, 
every time I feel the "giving up", 
I am proclaiming there is Someone I love more than myself.

Self-denial is not self-inflicted punishment. 
Instead it's the opportunity 
to demonstrate Someone else trumps 
my own instant gratification.

Lent, this year, is different for me.
With every denial of self, 
I will embrace the powerful cry of my heart 
to love God more. 
to love God most.

And love God, your God...firmly embracing him. 
Oh yes, He is life itself...
Deuteronomy 30:19b (The Message)

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