Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thin Places

Somewhere in the writing of C.S Lewis, he speaks of "thin places".

where the distance between us and God is lessened.

Where God is near. close.
As if we can feel the very breath of God in our souls. on our faces.

My life, well, it's easily thick.
I suspect most of us spend our time here.
I think we often live unaware of the reality of thin places.
Unawareness means we don't consciously know we are missing it.

But mark my words, one of these clamorous days, we will turn restless.
Usually blaming life's pace and pressures.
Life's joys seem rare.
Heavy lifting is the emotional norm.
Somehow lacking. 

Everyday living, 
even the daily disciplines of the Spirit, 
can create denseness in our life with Him. 
A veil making the nearness of His presence elusive.

I have found
in retrospect,
at times least expected, 
interruptions to the concentrated ceiling.

Moments where God just rips through.
Holy air ventilates my stuffy existence.
Dense is sanded down.
Veil is torn back.
Thick becomes thin.

Thin places bring relief.
they lift up.
they feed.
they breath new life.
they spur intimacy that furthers the love story between me and Jesus.

And I find, for me, 
thin places are not bound by formula.
Their surprising nature 
can be solitude
can be silence
can be nature
can be in company of others
can be in grief
can be in calm.

And I find,
thin places,
at least for the moment, 
remind me I was made for
cleaner air
true freedom
genuine worship
sweeter communion.

Thin places 
help me to experience life with God near.
The way it was made to be.

Thin places are places worth fighting for.
Spaces worth seeking, creating, making, planning, scheduling.
I can not remain unchanged in the thin places.
If only for that moment, I am different, altered.
And if, for a moment, I can be changed, 
then there is hope for me beyond that moment. 
Hope of a changed existence.

And that is worth running hard after.

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