Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Face in the Sunlight - Part 3

Yesterday, I said the choice to put your face in the sunlight is a courageous one. Choosing light always involves risk.

The risk, I suppose, in coming into the light is exposure.
Light makes flaws more apparent.
Light leaves little room for debate of what might or might not be.
Hiding is not an option.

We sometimes sit in the shadows and question the wisdom of full disclosure.
After all, people can be harsh and cold.
People can be unforgiving and cruel.
Exposure can mean making the bullseye more visible for others' arrows of judgement.

Jesus spoke of the fear man has for the light. Fear of being exposed because we have lived for ourselves and have chosen badly. Jesus said we run for the darkness when we choose self and we keep running, frightened at the potential painful unveiling if we get caught by the light.

And truth be known, when we've dwelled in darkness, light can be painful, at least initially. 

Yet, if we remain in the shadows, we are never seen.
Light makes us known. Don't you want to be known?
Light means trading masks for permission to be fully ourselves, 
or at least learn to be.
Light brings us face to face with the One who knows us best 
and loves us most.
Light brings freedom.

In putting our face in the light, we dare to be Epiphany people. To be found. To be seen. To be known. Fully. Completely. 

To live in light is to be loved. To be accepted. Embraced. 
Being Epiphany people means living in light's fullness that we might bring others to the Light as well.

Here hopine we will choose to be Epiphany people who love Light and run fast toward it with every breath we take.

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