Monday, March 4, 2013

A Dishwasher and My Future Son-in-Law

Two weeks ago, my 8 year old daughter, Eliana, and I were bonding over unloading the dishwasher when she asked this whopper of a question...what kind of husband do you hope I have? 

I must have completely fumbled the answer. I honestly can't really recall a single thing I said. I was in shock. Trying to settle the uneasiness that settled in my heart.

My trouble lay neither in the question asked nor the fact the question was asked. My trouble lay in my unpreparedness to give an answer.

For 9 years, I have breathed out focused prayers for my daughter and her faith. If a future-husband prayer eeked out every now and again, it was infinitely general in nature.

So I can't help wondering...if I concentrate time and effort praying for my daughter's heart why should I not be specific in how I pray for her potential spouse?

So, starting now, I'm upping the ante. I want to pray specific, scripture-based prayers for the man who might win my daughter's heart.

I think this process will begin to paint a picture in my mind of who this man can be. As I pray, faceless though he is, I readily envision his character. The heart of this man will not be foreign.

I want to be armed with my answer the next time this question comes up. I want to look Eliana in the eye, smile deep from my heart, and color the landscape of love through the eyes of a prayerful momma.

One day, my little girl might be dressed in white giving her heart to a Godly man. I want to look this God-loving husband and wife in the eye, smile deep, and tell them my prayers have been answered. And I will remember Eliana's name bore testimony of this day. For Eliana is Hebrew for "God has answered my prayer".

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