Friday, March 22, 2013

My Best Self - Part 2

When I am loved 
I am my best self.

A direction-follower can allow 
the execution of the task 
to supersede 
the motivation of the task.
Forgetting your motivation can be bad. 
Operating with the incorrect motivation can be worse.
When it's come to time with God, 
that's often where I find myself.
Following directions 
with a mis-guided, 
or down-right just wrong motive.

Spending time with God has been worded in motives like this:
I should                    
I ought                         
I'll disappoint
I'm supposed to           

From the get-go, I have known I should have quiet time.
Establish the discipline.
Persevere in the practice.
But so often, 
my greatest motivation for spending time with God 
was to avoid feeling guilty.

I should...therefore I do.

I'll disappoint...therefore I do.

All this time, much of the guilt I carry around
has had less to do with
forgetting the motivation of the task
and more to do with
being motivated by the wrong things.

But when I am loved I am my best self.

Time in my day spent with the Lover of my soul, reminds me how very loved I am.

When I make time for God, I am...

     Breathing in scriptures that show my Rescuer's heroics...

     Bearing my heart to the One who listens best...

     Worshipping, with faith-siblings, the One who loves me as if I am the      only one but reminds me I am not my own...

     Finding myself, flawed and beautiful, in ancient words ever-true...

     Clinging to the everlasting arms...

     Casting my anxieties on He who knows me best and loves me most...

And every. 
God shows His love for me.

And when I am loved I am my best self.

I spend time with God so He can love me.
God needs to love on me. 
And I need to let Him.
Because when I am loved I am my best self.

And God...
He needs me to be my best self.

And God...
He needs you to be your best self too.
Because the Rescuer's story is still unfolding
and we play a specific part.
And our souls' Author needs us to be our best selves 
so the story can be told the way it was intended.

That's why we need time with God.

It's a gift given with our benefit in mind
so God's renown would be complete.

And when we are loved

we are our best selves. 

For when we are loved, we are secure. 
Risks are willing to be taken.

For when we are loved, we can be selfless.
Someone else's needs comes first.

For when we are loved, we are free.
Sin's shackles hang limp at our feet.

No longer:
I should...therefore I do.

With Love's story it is:
He is...therefore I am loved.
I am loved...therefore I do.

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