Friday, August 30, 2013


Linking up Five Minute Friday...

When I sit at the park, on a squeaky picnic table, sun full on my mothered-face, read Isaiah 40:11 and know it was just for me.

When I see the water run off the forehead of my boy whom I birthed and now get to baptize.

When I hear a melody that propels my feet or my hands to move and lift and dance and offer my whole being.

When green beans turn out just so that my sometimes too-picky kids gobble them up like pieces of sugared candy.

When my husband just stops, and smiles that smile, because we know each other deeply and fully, and he just can't help but burst with love.

When another comes along side my pain, and scoops up my burden carrying it with me until I can breathe again.

When a face, young and innocent and needy, grins big at the used bike they just earned working a drink stand at a church yard sale.

When my breath is stolen by a sunset, or the luminescence of a tropical fish, or the loveliness of a flower, or the fragile complexity of an ecosystem.

These are moments of worship...moments where God has shown Himself great and big and beautiful.


  1. Niki, this is beautiful! God is everywhere and we along with all of creation are worshiping him together every day with every breath. Blessings and happy weekend to you, friend. :)

    Visiting from FMF.

    1. Andi -

      Thanks for making your way here and leaving sweet words. May we continue to join with all creation in worshipping the only One worthy of it!

  2. moments of worship are the ones where we see Him, as He is... not as we try and make Him be.


    1. Richelle -

      Glad you could stop by! Yes, worship give us clearer vision, doesn't it? To see God as He is and to realize He is so much more than that for which we could ever hope!