Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Worth It?

We have snow.  

 The kids are thrilled.  They want to go out and play.

I slightly cringe.  
I know what it takes to get 3 kids snow-ready. 

But, it's the first significant snow of the season, so we focus and get through schoolwork quickly and then it's time to bundle up...

Here's the routine:
Tell potty-trained children to use bathroom.
Change youngest's diaper.
Oldest puts on her own snowbibs.  
Put on youngest's snowbibs.
Put on youngest's socks.
Put on youngest's coat.
And hat.
And mittens.
And boots.
Oldest puts on her own socks.
Put on middle's snowbibs.
Put on middle's socks.
Put on middle's coat.
And hat.
And mittens.
And boots.
Oldest puts on her own coat.
And hat.
Help oldest with her mittens.
And boots.

10 minutes pass and kids are ready.  

Now Mommy's turn.

Put my socks on.
Kids ask, "Ready yet?"
Put my boots on.
Kids ask, "Ready yet?"
Put my sweatshirt on.
Kids ask, "Ready yet?"
Put my coat on.
Kids say they are hot and ask, "Ready yet?"
Put my hat on.
Put my gloves on.
Kids ask, "Ready yet?"
Grab camera.
5 more minutes and Mommy's ready.  
Kids squeal.

I'm tired. 
Then I think about all aforementioned clothing that will need to come off in reverse order while wet and trying to stay off the carpet.

I'm ready for a nap.
Out we go.  
A question nags the back of my mind...
"Is it worth it?"...



Oh yeah, its most definitely worth it.

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