Friday, February 21, 2014


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Love that Lisa-Jo tells us our words are safe here at Five Minute Friday. 
That gives me courage.
Makes me brave to say what I have to say today about "Small"...


The thing about small is there is some kind of judgement extended.
To label something or someone as small implies a standard of measure.
I grow tired of living what most would dismiss as a small life.
A no-name in one of the country's most dangerous cities.
15 years given and sacrificed in a congregation still declining.
Living in a rental house with no home equity accrued.
An at-home mom educating three children.
Holding a degree and an ordination.
Spinning her wheels.
Or so it would seem.

But small is relative.
Small is small only in comparison to something else.
So why not change that which we compare ourselves to?
Why not embrace the fact that my life might appear small in comparison to an academy award winning actress or an olympic medal earning athlete?
Why not nod in giant swoops of the head that small has not resulted in fiscal abundance or popular renown?

My small has accumulated a faith that still holds more mystery than knowing;
a love seasoned over a decade and a half with a man knows me intimately and fully;
a gift of three children who bless and stretch and humble me.
My small has led me to paths of deep friendships with a few;
a developed commitment to God's church - imperfect and messy and beautiful;
a woman's call to ministry in spite of being raised to think this impossible.

Small is in the eye of the beholder.
Small is only small if we contrast to that which we view as bigger.
And bigger, well bigger isn't always better.
Give me small.
I'll take it.
And some days I will struggle that smallness seems insignificant.
And other days my eyes will be opened to the truth that small is never really small when it changes you. and others.


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  1. Wow, that was so beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes. The "smallness" we live creates the "big" of the future. In my eyes, my kids are better bc of our small.=)