Friday, February 7, 2014


Today's prompt: Write
Linking up with Five Minute Friday.

Sometimes the rule to refrain from editing is SO very difficult. There is much I would like to refine with this entry but have exhibited self control and not done so. And I am trying to be okay with that.


I picture a very large feather-quill pen.
Held in the hand of Providence.
Penning the story of creation.
The Divine must be right-handed because in this story
there are no smudged writings.
No words smeared because of His hand following along behind.
But as I observe my own life
intertwining into this one Story,
I can see the ink, still wet from 
being written, 
and I bumble across the page.
My own feeble feet seem to blur the words.
And I wonder if I’ve compromised the clarity
of this Story with my own humanity.
I imagine myself sitting, head in my hands, 
on this immense scroll of parchment, 
ancient and modern together,
peering at my sloppy work.
And I look down at criss-crossed legs 
and find the dried ink on my own skin
instead of the page.
I have fought the feelings of failure of that in the past.
But today, looking up into the eyes of the Author, 
I am reassured that my failings and fallings
can actually act as the gateway to allow my full entrance
into my story. His story. The Story.



  1. I'm guessing when the Author looks down at our dried ink, he doesn't see any smears or smudges. :)

    Visiting from FMF. Also from Michigan. I clicked over from Ashley's place. :)