Thursday, June 13, 2013

Promise Fulfilled

Six weeks ago, He made a promise.
Late one night, 
while I was lying in bed, 
brain a-buzzing.
He promised to meet us at Cedarly.

I know, 
it sounds strange to say 
God committed to show up
in Wisconsin 
while my husband and I 
were away on retreat.

But it happened.

No audible voice was heard.
No booming thunder swelled.
Just the still quiet voice
that stirs the soul.
A hushed whisper of heart 
that ushers peace.

As the weeks progressed, 
my anticipation grew.
After all, we had a rendezvous 
with the Lord of the universe.

I went with specific questions.
Ones that plague me.
Ones that persist.
Ones that leave my heart unsettled.
And deep down, 
in my honest recesses,
I have to admit
I was hoping 
His promised presence
would mean 
answers to my questions.

Now, Cedarly is a memory.
Last week is done.
Retreat is over.
Routine life has replaced breathing room.
I am left to process and reflect.

What I can say is this...
God kept His promise.
He showed up.
He was present.
Almost tangible.
Nearly palpable.
Cedarly, once again, served as a thin place.

I spent 5 days 
in the company of the Everlasting.
I walked intimately 
with the One who is above all.
I basked in the camaraderie
of the Friend of sinners.
I enjoyed kinship 
with Abba Father.

It was a week
reminiscent of Adam and Eve,
with glimpses into the garden-life.
Surely we are all garden people.

God kept His promise.
And none of my questions got answered.
At least, not in the way I had intended or originally hoped.

The one answer I did receive
was always the same.
The same answer 
that has been given through all of time;
to ancients and moderns alike.
The answer that leads us always back to the Source.

My only answer came in four words, 
for every inquiry, 
for every probing, 
for every examination,
the same.
"Stay close to Me."

The quest for Him 
is the solution 
for every other quest.

And so, 
in finding Him at Cedarly, 
I found the only answer I need...


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