Friday, July 5, 2013


Wanna know what it's like to write for 5 unedited minutes and then link it with others who have braved the same experiment? 
Here's my addition to Five Minute Friday.

He agreed to officiate the funeral. 
The family, after all, was dear to him. 
It just wasn't right, though.
The circumstances that stole life.
Cancer. Pain. Suffering.
And young, comparatively,
with children in high school and college.

He agreed to officiate the funeral.
The family has long been an important part of the music ministry.
They've adopted him almost as a family member.
They are special to him.
He is special to them.

He agreed to officiate the funeral.
But it was hard.
Difficult to speak final words
of memories, 
and comfort.
Grasping for control of emotions
as he led others to whisper tearful goodbyes.

He stood at the pulpit, 
handsome in his blue blazer.
And he cried.
Tears of sadness.
Of sympathy.
Of loss.
Tears of the pressure 
that had stayed for days
as he prepared for this moment.
And he cried.

He wondered later if it was wrong.
Attention drawing.
But my husband's tears, 
they were none of these things.



  1. Like a poem...beautiful post. Visiting from Five Minute Fridays.

  2. This is incredibly beautiful. You truly captured the beauty of your husband's tears in five minutes worth of words. Thank you!


    1. Niki, I wanted to add to my comment that I am visiting from Five Minute Fridays...I linked up right next to your link. I couldn't figure out how to comment unless I linked to my old blogspot. God bless and thanks again for a beautiful post!