Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dear Levi (For Your 6th Birthday)


6 months 

1 year

2 years

3 years

4 years

5 years

Almost 6 years

Dear Levi,

Tonight I tucked you in for the last time as a 5-year old.
Tomorrow you turn 6. 
Old enough to need two hands to show your age.
You are growing - taller and smarter; in wisdom and stature.
Some of you remains as similar as when you were toddling across the carpet.
Other parts of you have altered with passing years and increasing maturity.
All of you, no matter how you change, stays extremely loved.

You've traded your interest in cars for all things Super Mario.
Your love of animals, however, has stayed intact.
You can easily navigate Netflix and any given Wii game.
You are a thinker, not one to act rashly.
You are a sensitive brother, yet you are good at pushing the buttons of your sisters.
Blue blankie is still a constant companion, although occasionally you'll now choose to leave it home.
I wonder at your artistry that already surfaces as you love to draw, color, and create.
I am fairly certain, you could eat pepperoni and green beans all day.
You keep us in stitches.
You're always good for a cuddle or a kiss.
You do things with excellence and you give attention to the details. 
Both of which will serve you well in the future, my boy.

Ahh, the future.
It seems so distant, while simultaneously chomping at our heels.
Tomorrow will be here too quickly. 
And so will the time when two full hands won't be able to show your age anymore.
And then adolescence
And graduation.
Boy into man.

You tell me, with arms snug around my neck, that you always want to live with me.
And while those words spoken in your sweet voice warms this Mommy-heart, 
I also hope for the day when you will leave grown and full, rooted and winged.

I can't teach you to be a man; that will be a job for Daddy.
I can, however, teach you how to cherish a woman. 
It will be my privilege to be a trusted teacher of yours.
So much to teach and to learn.
How to tie your shoes.
(Given your propensity for Crocs, shoelaces aren't very common for you.)
How to ride without training wheels.
How to multiply. And add fractions.
How to love learning.
How to respect others, even when you disagree.
How to love well.
How to listen because everyone longs to be heard.
How to speak honestly with gentleness.
How to practice patience 
(although what I teach you on this matter might be more from my own failings).
How to say I'm sorry.
To be humble.
To not always need the last word.
How to point others to Jesus.

Above all my hopes for you, Levi, is this single desire...
I hope for you to fall in love with Jesus, everyday for all your life.
To be found fully in Him.
To chase hard after Him.
To pursue the will of this One who knew you when He formed you in my womb.

Nothing else in life really matters at all.
Just Jesus.
Just choosing life that only He gives.

Sweet, precious Levi, 
there is not one single ounce of you I would change.
Not one hair on your head that I would alter.
I love you, just as you are.
And just as you will be.

No matter where you go
or what you do
or what you say...
I will always love you!

You make Daddy and me so proud!
You bring us joy. 
You complete our family!
Happy Birthday, Levi!

With love...for always - 

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