Sunday, July 14, 2013

Of Water and Spirit

my son gets baptized.
Steps into water.
Clear and clean.

my son will follow Jesus' example.
Professing faith.
Before others who belong to Jesus.

my son will go under the water. 
Be brought back up.
A symbol of the Kingdom's required second birth.

I will baptize 
this blond boy with whom I labored.
This little man I delivered
against doctor's odds
and medicinal predictions.

this symbol of rebirth 
will be performed 
by the mother who pained 
to give him birth in the first place.

My second born
at second birth.
My flesh-son
now Spirit-brother.
Levi has been born.
And is born again.  


we celebrate 

what God has 


And today
I am thankful
for the tender part I have been allowed to play in each birth.

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