Monday, July 1, 2013

We Are Like Night and Day

My head was about to explode.
If another word was to pass the lips of my 8 year old,
I was fairly certain I would scream.

Where does she get that verbal stamina?
She has two parents who combined don't talk as much as she does.
Not if we have our druthers.

I kept thinking if black smoke clouds
were formed from speaking,
the EPA might come after my daughter 
because of the noise pollution emitted.
There are surely government regulations
for these sort of things.

in the super honest recesses 
of my heart
I ask myself
how I will survive this sweet, creative, loquacious child.

She is SO different from me.
If I am night, she's like day.

But God, 
He knows what He's doing.
When He puts families together, 
He does it for a reason.

This verbose little girl
will quickly become a young lady,
will quickly grow to an independent woman,
and God is using her to refine me.
To shape me.
To help me learn greater grace.
To help me practice greater patience.
To remind me life isn't about me.

I have something to learn.
And God is using even my daughter, 
different as we are, 
to make me a little more like Himself.
All I need to do is enter into this process
with anticipation
and wonder
and joy.
May I be willing and ready to learn
the hard and beautiful lessons
that only a gregarious girl 
can help me master.

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