Saturday, April 27, 2013

A (spring) Day In Our Life

There's something about 
the first 
spring day.

The first day you could shed the jacket.
Glory in warm sunlight.
Chase a bunny in your yard.

The first day you could grill hot dogs
after the pork got too dry.

The first day kids could carry out markers
sit on the sidewalk 
and draw in their nature journals.

The first day you feel comfortable
standing at the lilac bush
urging those buds to open.

The first day an outside ice cream shop
sounds tempting...
even if you don't actually go.

The first day you would blare music
roll down windows
and go on a road trip...
if you didn't own a mini-van.

The first day a blanket of grass
seems an inviting luxury.

The first day to feel disappointment 
that it's laundry day
and that means being inside.

The first day that 
even though it's bath night
and church is tomorrow
you allow more child's play outside.

There's something about the first real spring day.
Something sweet
and fragrant
and soothing
and harmonious
and lovely.

When spring came...there were no problems 
except where to be happiest. - Ernest Hemingway

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