Thursday, April 11, 2013

Getting Ready for the Day

The number of times children 
interrupted my 
routine to ask a question.
Or to whine.

Well, not that many.
But it was a lot.

And some days, 
I might want to sulk about that.
or pull out my hair.
or raise my arms in surrender.
or run far away fast.

But not today.
This morning, 
               grace reigned.
                                   and patience.
                                                       and smiles.
                                                                           and joy.

This day has been a morning 
of acceptance and embrace. 
This day God reminded me 
that my routine for 
is simply a part of my day.

Shampooing my's a part of my day.
Washing my's a part of my day.
So when my children need something, 
even if I am drying my bangs, 
I am not getting ready for my day.
I am living my day.

The only "getting-ready" part 
about it 
concerns my faithfulness.

My faithfulness 
in this small circumstance 
can prepare me for something to come.

My ability 
to greet interruption as opportunity 
gets me ready for parenting 
                 with greater grace.
                                        with wider patience.
                                                              with bigger smiles.
                                                                                    with deeper joy.

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