Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I don't usually sit this close to a window.
A light portal displaying a world of cloud cover and drizzle.
Yet light permeates still.

The room I'm in is dark.
Lights extinguished to make fort-dwelling more adventurous.

And me, I feel stuck between the two.
The outside world.
The inside responsibilities.

I spent the weekend away. 
Teaching. Speaking. Meeting new friends. 
I spent the weekend feeling alive.
Useful to someone over 4 feet tall.
And I returned refreshed, energized, fuller.

And now it's Wednesday.
Less than 72 hours back
and the struggle ensues.

How to be fully alive right where I spend most of my time?
How to be patient when interrupted for the 437th time?
How to lovingly instruct instead of internally implode?
How to create art with the mundane colors of math lessons and lunchboxes?
How to live in contented hope?

You know me best and love me most.
So all I do and all I am
...for You...
that I might know You better and love You more.

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