Saturday, April 20, 2013

Easter People

When the church tells time, Easter is a holy day.
24 hours set aside to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.
A day given over to hope 
and freedom 
and life from impossible death.
A day that begins with angels greeting faithful women.
Rolled away stones.
Deserted grave clothes.

Yet Easter is more than just a day.
More than just the first Sunday
after the first full moon
after the vernal equinox. 
(Complicated but true...
this is how the date for Easter Sunday is determined.)

When the church tells time, Easter is also a season.
50 days gifted for us to bask in resurrection glory.
A season given over to celebration
and jubilation
and wholeness from crippled life.

A season of good when 
the redeemed seek justice,
the restored maneuver in mercy,
the rescued serve humbly.

A season that allows ample space to prove 
Christ resurrected 
in how we live and speak and move.
A season daring us to stare down indifference
and extend dignity and respect to others.

In every act of compassion, we show Christ alive.
In every measure of sacrifice, we prove Christ is well.
In every joyful sacrifice, we reverberate the message of the heavenlies - HE IS RISEN!

May we dare to be Easter people, 
resurrection revolutionaries,
rebirthed to change the world 
by showing to all the world, 
Jesus is alive and well!

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