Monday, April 8, 2013

Life and the NCAA Title

I am currently watching 
Michigan and Louisville 
play the NCAA men's basketball final.
An interesting game for me 
as I am a Louisville-born Michigan resident.

I don't care all that much about basketball.

Not a popular sentiment back home.

But this is a game I am vested in.
My native cardinals vying for a title. 
Just like the maize and blue 
country in which I now dwell.

What I find fascinating is not found 
on the scoreboard,
in the X's and O's of the playbook,
in the style of uniforms,
in the quality of play calling.

What captivates me is the dedication of the players.
Their commitment.
Their passion.
Their heart.
Their perseverance.

They play this game the way I want to live life.
With heart and perseverance.

I want to live giving it all I have.
Running hard.
Giving relentlessly.
Committing fully.

And when my life is over, 
when my breath is gone, 
I want to know I have 
done all I could,
given all I had,
held nothing back.

I want to live fully alive.
Every moment
of every day
with every inhale
and every exhale.

"The glory of God is a human fully alive..."
- St. Irenaeus

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