Friday, April 12, 2013

Red Fish Tail

I took the kids to the art institute last week.
And they made art.
Inspired by Alexander Calder's sculpture entitled "Red Fish Tail".

The Prey

This sculpture is suspended from the ceiling.
It's considered a mobile because it has parts that move.
But there are parts to this piece that remain stationary.
That's called a stabile (pronounced "stay-beel")
The kids created art that included both a mobile and a stabile.

And me...I am struck.
I exist wishing to create art by the very life I live.
And there are facets of my life that are fixed, certain, sure.
And there are facets that are fluid, changing, moveable.
I am part mobile and part stabile.

I am found in a collaboration of crimson metal and wires hanging above my head.

A piece of art.
Projecting life as I live it.
As I suspect we all live it.
With some aspects firm and steadfast.
And some uncertain and transitory.
And I think I like it that way.

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