Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Rant

"If only closed minds came with closed mouths."
(Read on a lapel button)

photo credit: Alberta Human Services

Here are my thoughts on this irritating little statement.

Who defines closed minded?
Who chooses the gauge for what is deemed closed minded?

This statement seems to have an underlying assumption
saying that which is labelled close-minded
has universal consensus.

Does any human being or organization 
corner the market 
on separating and sorting
thoughts and practices 
into that which is open minded or closed minded?

So, I ask again...
who determines what is categorized as closed minded?

What I believe 
might be considered closed minded to some
yet extremely open minded to others.

And if we can't agree on who decides 
what is closed minded or not, 
then how can the opening statement hold any water in a land 
where freedom to own an opinion and voice it is a celebrated right?

What that statement really translates to is this:
If you don't agree with me, shut your trap.

And the biggest irony is this... 
regardless of your political affiliation
or denomination, 
or religious tradition, 
or sexual orientation, 
most of us would probably agree 
that a statement like this 
is extremely close-minded.

So it shouldn't matter if 
the NRA 
or the LBGT 
or the Vatican 
or Billy Graham 
or the Girl Scouts Organization
or Microsoft
or the Conservative Right-Wingers
or the Liberal Left
says this statement...
it should always offend.

If an evocative statement like the above 
is not ok for a conservative group to say, 
then it should not be acceptable 
for a gay rights organization to say.
There are no double standards here.

The moment my opportunity 
to voice a dissenting opinion
is threatened
is the moment
freedom is compromised.

And while I advocate the right to speak, 
I also call for civility and honor.
Freedom to speak does not endow me the right
to say whatever I want, 
whenever I want, 
however I want.
There exists a thing called decency and respect.

But it's here, 
in the moment when I read that infuriating button,
that the rubber meets the road...
someone has posted something 
that seems closed minded,
and it frustrates me,
it ruffles my feathers,
and I don't agree.

But that person is allowed to speak it.
And I am permitted to not like it.

I appeal to all who say they follow Christ - 
surely we can extend love 
to every fellow human being
even when we don't see eye to eye.
If we can't, 
then Calvary is but a resounding gong.

But don't go thinking 
just because I wrote the last paragraph
that some bigoted, hate-driven group 
calling themselves christians 
said that opening statement.
They didn't. 

No, this statement was posted on social media by a group 
that shakes its fist in the air and demands tolerance.

So, therefore, I also say...

I appeal to all Americans -  
surely we can co-exist 
even when we don't agree on everything.
If we can't, 
then Bunker Hill and Gettysburg become irrelevant pieces of history.

And that just isn't good enough.
That should not be so. 


Rant over.


  1. Yes, it's rather irritating when people accuse others of being closed minded simply because they don't agree. "Can't we all just get along?" :)

    1. Chrissy -

      Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to read. Getting along can be so very difficult! I suppose it has something to do with dying to ourselves and that's not very easy. Blessings to you this day!