Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tired but Watered

Sometimes a soul-drought is only noticed when water comes.

My family has returned from 2 days at a homeschool convention.
I am tired.
Mentally exhausted.
Yet stimulated.
Renewed in passion.
Reminded of purpose.

It's a blessing...
to be where we share with all others a unique bond,
unique pressures,
unique stresses and delirium,
to rub shoulders with those who champion a calling
I have reluctantly embraced.

And it's not that the people who fill my everydays
do not love and support our family.
They do.
Yet, as with anything in life, 
to spend time with others who
have done this thing longer and better than I, 
have persevered with grace and humility,
and who, by the nature of the bond,
know you in part without a word spoken, 
understand the challenges without explanation...
well, it's like a rain in a dry land
when I did not notice it was dry.

Sometimes, the Lord allows refreshment 
in places we didn't realize we needed it
because He's like that.
Extravagantly good. 
Mercilessly kind. 
Abundantly quenching.

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