Friday, May 3, 2013

When Ice Cream Feels Great

Tonight I saw 
true joy.


You know that surprise we planned for earlier this week, 
and had to renege on?
Well, tonight we were able to follow through on the blessing.
And it was worth it.

Just as we were ready to tuck them in, 
we told the kids to get up.
We shouted "Pajama Run"
and explained our plan.
That while in their pjs,
we were going to Sonic
and they could choose one thing -
any one thing as a treat.

And they just stared at us.
In disbelief.
As understanding dawned, 
their eyes lit up, 
mouths opened slowly,
and spread to smiles huge.

Once crocs were donned at the front door, 
we sweetened the deal.
We told them when we got back
we would make beds in the living room
and let them watch a movie they'd been asking to see.

The stares came again 
but were rapidly replaced by jumping, squealing kids.
And then, as quickly as the squeals started,
they transformed into grateful hugs.
Three children clamoring to wrap thankful arms 
around crazy parents who just wanted to bless them.
Three children who were overcome by the degree of the gift.
And so they hugged and hugged again.
And kept looking up to say, "Thank you".

My husband and I looked at each other and smiled.
Co-conspirators in doling out an unexpected present.
It's moments like this that make me want to give to my children.
It's moments like this that make my heart smile deep in the marrow.
It's moments like this that I feel connected to the Father
because I am doing what He does - giving good gifts.
And I feel His pleasure.

Tonight I saw pure joy.
And it was beautiful.


  1. Your children will remember this forever. What a creative couple of parents they have.

  2. Brian -
    I certainly hope they will remember it for a while. Moreover, I pray they have grateful hearts at all times. Now that part about creative parents...well, there is nothing new under the sun. We just steal really good ideas!

    (Have you ever noticed your name is nearly spelled "Brain"? No wonder you are so intelligent!)