Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Painted Lines

It may seem obtuse to say, but...
lane markings are not suggestions.

But the guy in the pick-up hauling the lawn care trailer
must have thought so.
If it hadn't been the middle of the afternoon, 
I might have questioned his sobriety.

Those painted lines on the road are present for a reason.
They mark a boundary.
They help ensure the safety for all drivers and pedestrians.
And everybody can co-exist without incident
when we adhere to the boundaries marked out 
by white and yellow parallel lines.

It occurs to me, 
while I was appalled at the driving choices on that man yesterday, 
I often navigate my life in the same manner.

God, in His wisdom, has established boundaries for all people.
He marks out space where we are 
to move, 
and breathe 
and have our being.
And when we choose to adhere to the markings 
He's laid out on this proverbial road of life, 
we can travel with others in safety.

That's what boundaries do.
They protect.
And prevent.
And preserve.
And direct.

That's why we give rules to our children.
That's why we create laws for our country.
That's why every 
golf course, 
county park, 
swimming pool, 
shopping mall, 
has behavioral regulations.

And God loves us enough to give us guidelines for our living.
He loves us enough to mark out the boundary lines.
He is not trying to spoil our fun.
Or oppress His people.
He is not holding out on us.
Or stifling our creativity.
He's creating the safe spaces in which we might fully live
on this shared journey while ensuring safe passage.

So, while I slowed up and backed away 
from the swerving pick-up that couldn't choose a lane, 
I am thankful for the reminder that boundaries matter.
And our God, out of His great mercy and love, has given us exactly that.

It was [God] who set all the boundaries of the earth...
Psalm 74:17a

Love Godyour God. Walk in his ways.
Keep his commandments, regulations, and rules 
so that you will live, really live, live exuberantly, blessed by God...
Deuteronomy 30:16

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