Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Things I've Learned (or Re-learned) Recently:

My kids cooperate really well when playing Wii together.
My kids argue really well when playing Wii together.
I do, indeed, have more than one gray hair.
Trusting God is hard.
I often operate from a position of fear.
Jillian Michaels kicks my behind.
Watch what I may come out of my kids' mouths.
I have lots of mirror conversations.
Women served (illegally) in both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.
Children are beautifully resilient.
The purpose of education is discipleship.
Snuggling with my kids feels really good.
One of my greatest pleasures is reading out loud to my children. 
When feeling stressed, I don't like people to touch me.
When feeling stressed, one of the things I need most is a hug.
My oldest is simultaneously astonishingly creative and incredibly tiring.
The best Mother's Day gifts cost very little money.
I have trouble asking for help.
I have trouble receiving help.
Even Reese Witherspoon messes up.
The literal definition of amuse means "no thinking". 
(I see a future blog entry here.)
One of the sweetest sounds is my 5-year old sounding out words.
Prayer is what often saves this anxious heart.
It's easier to talk emotional health than to pursue it.
I like storage containers even more when I feel out of control.
I hardly ever write a "real letter" anymore.
Math is more fun with a dry erase board.
God is crazy about me. Always. Period. The end.

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