Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Diapers and Miracles

Miracles, by their very nature, seem improbable.
That's what makes them a miracle...
even when it's the smallest of details.

My propensity for fear
is mirrored in my children.
They can be quite anxious.

I even see it in their prayers.
For months, the petitions of my older two children 
have included the request 
for God to prevent volcanoes from erupting,
or fires from raging
or tornados from spinning.

Tonight, we went to Sam's
and bought diapers.
A small way to aid the relief effort
in Moore, OK.

And I decided to face things square on.
I could have vaguely explained our diaper purchase
in an effort to protect these little hearts from worry.

But cloudy statements 
about the catalyst for an act of compassion 
only diminishes the potential for a miracle.

So, I spoke simply and plainly about the torrent winds
that leveled buildings and hope in another part of the country.
I watched as concern creased their brows
while they attempted to take in what I said.

I knew these facts, 
even though told in age-appropriate fashion,
might shake the security of these small hearts 
so easily prone to disquiet.

My first response is always to protect my children.
In this case, that would translate to covering their ears
while the rest of the world speaks of
a city devastated.

But, I can't help but wonder...

Maybe we learn the great mercy of God
by understanding life can be painful.
Maybe we learn great love
by seeing generosity flowing from those who dare to believe.
Maybe we learn great faith
by realizing not every prayer is answered as we ask it.

Through this tragedy,
if I am honest about its existence,
and include our children in the response to suffering, 
my children might learn something.

And maybe, just maybe, 
that's a miracle.

A mother choosing to speak candid
while her children face the sometimes harsh realities of this world 
and find them sleeping peacefully just the same.

Yes, miracles seem improbable.
But when they happen, 
and they will, 
we are reminded
God is God 
and we never need doubt
His ability to come through, 
even in the smallest of details. 

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